Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene

Enjoy Fresh Breath and Sparkling White Teeth with Dental Hygiene Treatment. At IS Dental Care, we offer high quality hygiene therapy sessions. Our hygienist will give you advice on how you can take care of your oral hygiene at home, by explaining proper tooth brushing and flossing techniques.Dental Hygiene Treatment

Personal dental hygiene is important in taking good care of your teeth. These good oral care practices will have better results if they are complemented with regular visits to our hygienist for professional cleaning and hygiene treatments, which will succeed not only in giving you the cleanest teeth – but can also give you fresh smelling breath you can be proud of.

Regular visits to the dentist and good oral health care will keep you smiles brighter, and help prevent gum disease.

When Would I Need Dental Hygiene?

You will always need good dental hygiene practices to make sure that your oral health is well taken care of. Regular visits to your hygienist are also important for your oral health. Now, going to your hygienist is much more convenient since you do not need a prescription from your dentist anymore, before going for a hygiene treatment.

Quick Hygiene Treatments for Your Convenience

You can go directly to our hygienist at IS Dental Care in Kentish Town, Wanstead & Marylebone, and have a quick hygiene or fresh breath treatment during a break in your busy day. Our dental hygienist will be able to remove the plaque and help restore your teeth and gums to good health. You can even spend a portion of your lunch break with our hygienist, and come out with cleaner teeth, and fresher-smelling breath!

What’s Involved in Dental Hygiene?

Proper dental hygiene is a combination of personal and professional dental care, which includes:

  • Proper tooth brushing done on a regular basis, with the use of dental floss to remove debris that tooth brushing cannot get rid of.
  • Professional cleaning done by a hygienist, to remove plaque that can build up between the teeth and the gum line. Professional dental cleaning can also help in improving the smell of your breath.

Am I Suitable for Dental Hygiene?

Yes, you are suitable for dental hygiene – and you will benefit a lot from following good dental hygiene practices on a regular basis! Good dental hygiene can give you cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and can prevent dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

What Can Dental Hygiene Do for Me?

  • Dental hygiene treatments can prevent the buildup of plaque, which can cause tooth decay and gum problems.
  • Your teeth will look brighter and whiter with professional dental cleaning – making your smile look more attractive.
  • You can enjoy fresh-smelling breath with the help of fresh breath treatments from your hygienist.


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