General Dentistry

General Dental Care

Enjoy Healthy, Beautiful Smiles for a Long Time with General Dental Care. Good dental health is the first step towards having a beautiful smile. The amount of beauty treatments or cosmetics you use will not matter that much if you do not take good care of your oral health.general dental care


Taking proper care of your dental health will ensure that you will enjoy your beautiful smiles for a longer period of time, and can also prevent dental problems from developing.

  • Personal and Professional Dental Hygiene

General dental care is a combination of good personal oral hygiene practices, and regular visits to your dentist and the hygienist. At IS Dental Care, we make sure that this partnership will succeed in taking good care of your teeth and oral health, so you can have the confidence of flashing beautiful smiles for a long time.

  • New Patients are Always Welcome

We always welcome new patients at IS Dental Care. Your initial consultation will last approximately 30 minutes – enough time allowing us to have an unhurried, thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and your whole mouth.

When Would I Need General Dental Care?

You always need general dental care to make sure that your teeth, gums, and overall oral health are in good condition. You need to take care of your oral health on a personal basis by practicing good oral hygiene, and complement that with regular dental checkups for early detection of dental problems. The regular visits to the dentist will also ensure that dental problems are addressed in their earliest stages, before these problems can further worsen.

Regular visits to your hygienist are also important in maintaining clean teeth, healthy gums, and fresh-smelling breath.

What’s Involved in General Dental Care?

Aside from personal dental hygiene practices, general dental care also includes:

  • Regular dental checkups
  • Hygiene Therapy – Regular visits to the hygienist will ensure that you always have clean, sparkling teeth, as well as fresh breath.

Family and Children’s Dental Care

We welcome families and younger patients in our clinic, and we guarantee to provide you with a pleasant, comfortable experience with the high-quality dental treatments and services. Your child’s dental health is important to us, and it is important to instill in them the value of good oral health by going for regular checkups, as well as good oral hygiene practices.

Am I Suitable for General Dental Care?

Everyone is suitable for general dental care! It is an important part of your overall health. General dental care should be done on a regular basis to ensure that you do not have to deal with complicated dental problems; it is also important in making sure that you will have a beautiful smile for a longer period of time.

What Can General Dental Care Do for Me?

  • General dental care can help prevent dental problems.
  • The visits to the dentist can help in detecting problems at their earliest stages, so the appropriate treatments can be done before the problems get complicated.
  • Hygiene treatments can give you fresh breath.
  • You can enjoy beautiful smiles for a longer period of time with general dental care.


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