Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Save Your Tooth from Extraction with a Root Canal Treatments

A root canal treatments is done to remove the infected part of the tooth and its root, so that it can be saved from being extracted (and can save you from being toothless). Also known as endodontics, a root canal treatment involves the removal of the infected pulp, which is necessary to prevent the infection from spreading to the other parts of the tooth, and to the neighbouring teeth.

Save Your Tooth with a Root Canal Treatment at IS Dental Care

When Would I Need a Root Canal Treatment?

You would need a root canal treatment if you have a tooth abscess, or if your tooth pulp (where the blood vessels are located) has become decayed and infected. The root canal treatment will be necessary:Root Canal Treatments

  • For long-term pain relief
  • To prevent the spread of infection
  • To save the tooth from being extracted

What’s Involved in a Root Canal Treatment?

At IS Dental Care in Kentish Town & Wanstead, our associate dentist Andreas Louloudiadis has a deep interest and experience in endodontics after completing a two-year Diploma in Endodontics. His numerous years of experience enables him to very competently explain (and execute) a root canal treatment, while building a comfortable and relaxed rapport with patients.

  • A local anesthetic will be used to numb the area where the infected tooth is located, to ensure that you will not feel any pain during the root canal treatment. Other sedation options may be offered to relive fear or anxiety prior to the treatment.
  • An abscess will need to be drained first before the treatment can start.
  • A dental drill will be used to drill through the tooth, down to the pulp portion.
  • The infected and damaged portion of the pulp will be removed, and the tooth’s canal(s) will be cleaned as well.
  • The root canal will temporarily be filled to allow the tooth to recover, and antibiotics may be prescribed if there are infections beyond the removed pulp portion.
  • After the treated tooth has recovered, the root canal will be filled with the permanent filling, and sealed to protect it from further infections. A dental crown may be needed to cover the treated tooth and make it stronger.

Am I Suitable for a Root Canal Treatment?

You are suitable for a root canal treatment if you have an abscessed tooth, and you want to save it from being extracted. However, those who have heart defects, or with artificial heart valves may need to take antibiotics before and after the treatment, as they may have a more difficult time fighting the infection.

What Can a Root Canal Treatment Do for Me?

  • A root canal treatment at IS Dental Care can save your tooth from being extracted – so you will be spared from being toothless.
  • The treatment can provide long-term relief from the excruciating pain that an abscessed tooth brings.
  • A root canal treatment, along with a dental crown, can make your previously-abscessed tooth stronger.


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